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This certifies that


the Purchaser ("Purchaser"), has been interviewed by a Loan Officer of the below referenced company.  Based on the preliminary information supplied at the time of the interview, the Purchaser has been pre-qualified for the following type of loan at the current prevailing interest rate.
Loan Program


  Loan Amount


  Term of Loan


  Real Estate Taxes


This Pre-Approval is subject to a complete mortgage application, satisfactory verification of all information contained in your application, and a satisfactory appraisal, final Lender approval with no material changes in income, assets or credit prior to closing.  This Pre-Approval is valid for 60 days from the date state below.
Loan Officer

(All rates subject to change without notice)


 Jeffrey Ferretti
Graduate of Realtor Institute

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Klara Veksler

Associate Broker, Graduate of Realtor Institute

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